PORSCHE Taycan 4S ,Revel Your Soul

Infinity Films is glad to announce Taycan 4S “ Reveal Your Soul” online premiere.
Together with amazing Studio Stare we created this short film for Porsche China and their fantastic event that took place this October in Dalian. The seamless narrative illustrates guests personalized experience during the event, maximum driving pleasure. It mirrors not only the epic Dalian coastline drive but also the immersive Taycan Soulful Dinner offered by Porsche to its guests. Emphasising sustainable future, expressive experience and puristic design, we reveal the Iconic Taycan 4S in it full circle of light. Re charge, Re Born , ready to enjoy the never-ending ride.

Film Production: Infinity Films & Studio Stare
Executive Producer: Jimmy Fangyao
Creative: Marina Erdeljan, Petter Eldin, Jeffery Pi
Directors: Marina Erdeljan, Petter Eldin
DOP: Vladimir Milosevic
Editors: Oskar Wiktorsson, Faye
Production assistant: Sha
Color Grade: Petar Draskovic
Sound Designer: Nemanja Rancic
Agency: Jack Morton
Client: Porsche China
Dalian, 2020.

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