PORSCHE Taycan 4S, National Test Drive

The all-new Porsche Taycan 4S took over the stunning coastal roads and the beaches of Dalian, all set to the backdrop of the iconic Xinghai Bay Bridge as a part of epic event produced by Jack Morton, advertising agency.
Guests flew from all across China to get behind the wheel of a Taycan 4S for the very first time!
They also enjoyed immersive Taycan Soulful Dinner with 360-degree wall and table projections, filmed and produced by our amazing talented Infinity and Stare crew.
Our event filming crew, both from Infinity Films and Studio Stare, was there to film the entire experience of the memorable Taycan 4S National Test Drive event.

Film Production: Infinity Films & Studio Stare
Executive Producer: Jimmy Fangyao
Creative: Marina Erdeljan, Petter Eldin, Jeffery Pi
Directors: Marina Erdeljan, Petter Eldin
DOP: Vladimir Milosevic
Camera Operators: Gleb Torubarov, Andy
Editors: Oskar Wiktorsson, Faye, Becky
Production assistant: Sha
Color Grade: Petar Draskovic
Sound Designer: Nemanja Rancic
Agency: Jack Morton
Client: Porsche China
Dalian, 2020.

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